Following her B.A. degree Claire started out as a knitwear designer for Burberry of London and since then has had a full and interesting career in the fashion industry, working for various well known fashion houses. At one time she found herself designing the fairy for the Royal family’s Christmas tree and working on outfits for Kylie Minogue, as well as working for names such as Michiko Koshino and Zandra Rhodes. Claire went on to found the well known London boutique Fenton Walsh and launched her own label.

Claire now lives in County Mayo with her family and works as a collage artist, she enjoys using unexpected materials which tell a story or provoke a smile.

For this collection of work she has used the colours and emotions that surrounded her at the time of her first discovery of Achill Island. Stormy clouds, calming blues and steely greys run through the collection, emotive of the ever changing skies of Achill and it’s well known places and people.

Stamps and maps from around the world represent the Irish diaspora who left during the hard times but who still have firm ties to their Homeland.