Anna St George

Anna St. George studied at L.S.A.D.where she did A.T.C. and P.T.A. exams, she went on to teach at L.S.A.D (Limerick School of Art & Design) for a number of years where John Shiners was one of her students, he acknowledged her influence when opening one of his earlier exhibitions.
Jack Donovan was Anna's mentor for a long time. His influence can be seen in Anna's work in the strong contrasts of light and shade which is a feature of her paintings,
Denis O Neill writer (i.e. film River Wild staring Meryl Streep) describes Anna’s work as brooding, and evocative , with the sprit of Ireland’s restless soul, John Mulcahy from Irish Arts Magazine wrote, “Anna’s talent is abundant, her traditional grounding in balance, contrast and composition is ever present in her painting".
Anna is a full time painter for twenty years. She has had several solo exhibitions which were opened by a number of eminent people which included Michael D. Higgins, and Dr Paul O Connell.
Anna has many private and corporate clients and has shipped paintings all over the world to places such as Paris, New York ,Munich , London and Dubai.
Following a request from Hunt Museum recently, a considerable amount of money was raised from the raffling of a painting she donated .
Anna's work is much sought after .

'I mostly find my inspiration in the West of Ireland, in its wildness, raw beauty, ever-changing light - in its very being'.